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About us

Written Heritage of all Ages in High Quality Reproductions: Fine Art Facsimile Editions by Mueller & Schindler.

We reproduce old manuscripts as perfect replicas, undistinguishable from the original in every aspect. So, they can be used as ambassadors of heritage without endangering the originals. Such editions can be used in many ways:

  • As an exclusive and very personal gift.

  • As a unique ambassador for culture and heritage.

  • For study and learning, giving exciting insights into cultural achievements created several hundred years ago.

    In any case, our editions convey the impression of holding the original. Just without the original.

    Enjoy this journey through the centuries with us!


Verlag Müller & Schindler
Innstr. 7
84359 Simbach am Inn

E-mail: info@muellerundschindler.de
Phone: +49 8571 926129
Internet: www.muellerundschindler.com

Products & Services

How is a Fine-Art-Facsimile-Edition made?

DIGITALIZATION of the single pages with a high-resolution camera and a specially designed framework supporting the precious original without endangering it.

PRE-PRINTING PROCESS: each image file is reviewed, corrected and prepared individually for the printing process.

HARD PROOFS are produced and compared to the original. Colour variances are corrected until the result meets our highest quality standards.

PRINTING & ATTACHING GOLD AND SILVER: depending on the characteristics of the original, appropriate techniques and materials are used – from gold and silver foils or metallic dust to 23K genuine gold.

BINDING & REFINEMENT: Usually, the binding of the original, or a similar binding of that time, is reproduced - mostly in real leather. Luxury editions are refined with real gold embossing, edge gilding or real gold printing.

A SCHOLARLY COMMENTARY gives scientific insights on the background of the original.

Masterpieces of Islamic Book Illumination

For many centuries, fabulous manuscripts have been created throughout the Islamic world. Now, for the first time ever, some of them are partially reproduced as true-to-the-original Fine Art Facsimile Leaves. They form a unique collection, illustrating the artistry of calligraphers and book illuminators from more than ten centuries and from different cultural backgrounds in the Islamic world.
Each leaf is exactly reproduced in every aspect down to the smallest detail according to the original.
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The Stars of Samarkand. Ulugh Beg’s Book of the Fixed Stars by Al-Sufi

The skies and their empirical observation have fascinated people worldwide – and this manuscript gives us a glimpse of fabled Samarkand, mythical center of the Silk Road in the 15th century and synonymous with oriental splendour under the Timurids. Ulugh Beg, a scientist on a ruler’s throne, had the famous 10th-century text of Al-Sufi calligraphed and painted as a magnificent manuscript for his library, depicting star constellations in 72 unique miniatures.
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The Parisian Sketchbooks by Leonardo da Vinci. Personal ideas of the great universal genius

Five-hundred years after the death of one the greatest geniuses of all times, our publishing house issues a unique testimony of Leonardo da Vinci’s creations and ideas: a total of 12 sketchbooks filled with his personal notes are kept today in the Institut de France in Paris and are going to be published over the upcoming years as true-to-original facsimile editions. The series starts with the book called „Manuscrit A“ and will allow you to immerse in the thoughts of this great Renaissance Man.

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