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Sujet Verlag - the publishing house for unusual and border transcending literature. We publish poetry, prose, and non-fiction.

About us

The Sujet Verlag, founded in Bremen is the success story of publisher Madjid Mohit. Fleeing from the Islamic Republic of Iran in the early 90s to live in exile in Germany, Madjid Mohit settled in Bremen where he founded the Sujet Verlag. He was acknowledged with the prestigious Hermann Kesten Award by the international association of the PEN Centre in 2015. Furthermore, Mohit received the Bremen Diversity Award in the category ‘diverse public persona’ in 2018.
‚Sujet‘ is Persian for ‚topic‘ and therefore serves as an ideal name for a publishing house which has set itself onto addressing taboo topics of Mohit’s home country, such as politics, sexuality, and modernity. The Sujet Verlag publishes volumes of poetry as well as novels and non-fiction books.
However, the publishing house’s distinctive characteristic is “aerial-root literature” – a poetic expression for transgressive literature which can not and does not seek to be pressed into narrow definitions or terminologies.

Sujet Verlag UG
Breitenweg 57
28195 Bremen

Phone: 0421703737

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Madjid Mohit
Executive Director
Phone: 0421703737

Products and Services

We publish poetry, prose and non-fiction, with a focus on
aeriel root literature. In contrast to the rather negatively
connotated concept of exile literature, aerial root literature
emphasises the enriching aspects of living in exile.
“[The Sujet] publishing house has a theme: that of freedom.
It‘s less about what all the books Mohit publishes are about
than that the authors‘ voices wouldn‘t be heard without him.“
- Deutsche Welle
World Literature - Why We Need A New Literary Understanding

“Where it says World Literature it means Western Literature.” Whether it’s about reviews in magazines, academic seminars, best-seller lists of the “most important” works or about school texts, the literary contribution by authors from Asia, Africa and Latinamerica are mostly sidelined – through ignorance and many other reasons. In his well-informed essay, author and journalist Gerrit Wustmann shows not only what we are missing but also how one-sided reading distorts our world view.

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The late 1960s in Frankfurt are politically and socially turbulent times during which old certainties start to falter. This is particularly true for Mahtab who arrived from Iran a decade earlier with her husband and their three kids.
She finds herself caught on the horns of more than one dilemma. Torn between the values she grew up with and the freedoms and shallowness of the modern western life, she has to stand her ground and find her own moral compass.

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Lilac Girl

The beautifully illustrated story is about a young Palestinian girl who loves to paint but who has lost her home due to war. Through recreating her house in a rainbow of watercolours she finds freedom in the world of her imagination and creates beauty from pain.

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