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Operating at the intersection of literature, art, and research, Falschrum promotes dialogue between Arab-speaking and Western audiences through beautifully designed publications.

About us

Falschrum Books is a not-for-profit publisher, founded in 2019 in Berlin.

Operating at the intersection of art, literature and research, its goal is to foster collaborations between authors and artists of different social, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds. In particular, Falschrum promotes dialogue between Arab-speaking and Western audiences.

To this end, Falschrum translates English and German prose and poetry into Arabic, as well as Arabic texts of different genres into European languages.

Aiming to facilitate exchange between English, German and Arabic discourses, Falschrum specializes in bilingual publications. Beautifully designed, well-made, and illustrated by internationally acclaimed artists, Falschrum books are at the forefront of bilingual publishing.

Donaustr. 12
12043 Berlin

Phone: +49 1578 4661535
Internet: www.falschrum.org

Falschrum e.V.
Braunschweiger Str. 16
12055 Berlin

Products and Services

Gregory Carlock: To a Syrian Prisoner of Conscience. ISBN 978-3-9820779-0-1
Gregory Carlock and Stefan Maneval: Whatever’s Left of Our Differences. ISBN 978-3-9820779-1-8
Gregory Carlock: Pledge of Allegiance to Technology and Other Nonsense. ISBN 978-3-9820779-2-5
Chaza Charafeddine and Karolina Golimowska: Jetzt bin ich also Deutsch: Unter dem Himmel von Berlin (German/Arabic). ISBN 978-3-9820779-5-6
Nora Amin: The Text (Arabic/English). ISBN 978-3-9820779-3-2.
Anna Hetzer: Körper und Zeilen – Essays (German/Arabic). ISBN: 978-3-9820779-4-9
Stefan Maneval and Jennifer A. Reimer (eds): Forms of Migration: Global Perspectives on Im/migrant Art and Literature. ISBN 978-3-9820779-8-7
Stefan Maneval (ed.): Faith Travels by Streetcar / Der Glaube fährt mit der Straßenbahn (English/German). ISBN 978-3-9820779-7-0
Chaza Charafeddine: Letter to the Father (Arabic/English/German). ISBN 978-3-9820779-6-3
Tammam Hunaidy: The Face that I See, the Face that You See (Arabic/English). ISBN 978-3-910237-00-1
Forms of Migration: Global Perspectives on Im/migrant Art and Literature

Forms of Migration explores the potential of literary and aesthetic forms of expression to shape our understanding of transnational migration processes. Addressing im/migrant culture around the globe, this rich, illustrated collection includes poetry, creative nonfiction, interviews, analyses of art, literature, fashion, and cinema, as well as photographs and artwork. Forms of Migration shows us how to apprehend migration differently, through art and innovative storytelling.

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Faith travels by Streetcar: Norms and Objects in Religious and Secular Contexts

Both religious and secular normative practices which structure and regulate public and private life often involve objects of daily use. Focusing on the rules, convictions, and conventions of the monotheistic religions – Judaism, Islam, and Christianity – as well as on secular beliefs, Faith Travels by Streetcar combines photos of such objects and texts written by scholars of various disciplines: sociology, philosophy, Arabic, Islamic and Jewish studies, as well as Protestant Theology.

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Letter to the Father

Reminiscent of Islamic manuscripts from the past, Chaza Charafeddine copies in her own handwriting Franz Kafka’s famous letter to his father, a letter that never reached the author’s father. In a performative attempt to write to her own father, the artist traps the viewer in her dysfunctional communication with her father. Artist’s book, limited edition of 99 copies, numbered, and signed by the artist, accompanied by a booklet containing an introduction and an interview.

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