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The Hamburg-based Carlsen Verlag excels in comics (mangas), children's books and youth literature. In these fields, it is one of the leading publishers in Germany.

About us

Carlsen is Germany’s market leader in children’s books and excels in picture books, Pixi™ mini books, fiction for children and young adults. Among our authors are both award-winners like Andreas Steinhöfel, Susan Kreller, Reinhard Kleist and Tamara Bach, and best-sellers like Margit Auer, Charlotte Habersack and Marc-Uwe Kling. Our list of licensed authors includes but is not limited to J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, Victoria Aveyard, Clementine Beauvais, Philip Pullman. Some novels have been made into movies, e.g. “Rico, Oskar und die Tieferschatten/Rico, Oskar and the Deeper Shadows” (2014) or “Die Schule der magischen Tiere/The School of Magical Animals” (2021), “Die Mitte der Welt/The Center of the World” (2016), “Meine Freundin Conni/My Friend Conni” (2020) for 3+ and also for 10+, etc.

Carlsen Verlag GmbH
Völckersstr. 14–20
22765 Hamburg

Phone: +49 4039 804275

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Sylvia Schuster
Foreign Rights Manager
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Products and Services

A wide range of children's books - from toddlers to young adult. We achieve great success on the market with our series in the Middle Grade range (8-12 years).
Barbara Rose: Whisperworld: Departure for the Land of the Animal Whisperers (vol. 1)

Coco, Chuck, Amy, Mohit, and Paul are called. They're allowed to go to Whisperworld, where they roam through the jungle alone, sleep in trees, and each day learn something new about nature and the animals around them. And where they impatiently wait to see who is the first to be chosen to protect an endangered species – as its animal whisperer.

Silke Schellhammer: School of Talents: First Lesson: Devilish Loud! (vol. 1)

Math grades don't count in the School of Talents, and (fortunately!) there's nothing like normal classes. Here, all students possess special capabilities: some are shape-shifters, some understand what animals say, and others can command water. Chaos is inevitable...  
Every volume contains riddles to solve and dark secrets to discover.

Sabrina J. Kirschner: The Book of (Un) Secret Wishes: On Safari (vol. 1)

Noah finds a strange book – full of (un) secret wishes. And a message: grant Malee's wish and then you'll get a wish, too! But easier said than done, because Malee wishes for a safari. But Noah doesn't live in Africa! How's he supposed to manage it without magic? Like the author's first series, this new one is also perfect for kids weak in reading: easy sentences, short chapters and lots of pictures maintain interest. Reading becomes fun!

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