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Schweizerbart and Gebr. Borntraeger publish and distribute scholarly journals, book series and monographs in the Earth Sciences, Aquatic Ecology, Botany, Zoology, Anthropology...

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Schweizerbart and its affiliate company Gebr. Borntraeger publish  and distribute printed and electronic scholarly journals, book series and  monographs.

We are privately owned and operated by scientists, independent we do provide all services related to publishing and marketing scientific content worldwide in print and electronic form.

Schweizerbart Science Publishers was founded by Emanuel Schweizerbart in 1826 as a publishing house with an emphasis on historical works.

Shortly after its foundation, the program changed and Schweizerbart concentrated on publishing scholarly journals and books in the sciences, mainly Earth and environmental sciences, aquatic ecology, anthropology, medicine, zoology.

Gebr. Borntraeger publishers were founded in 1790. It has an active program in the Earth and environmental sciences.

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Products and Services

The Journey of Modern Humans from Africa to Europe Culture-Environmental Interaction and Mobility

The book may be used as
a textbook for graduate and undergraduate students, for interested
school teachers and the public. It should be attractive and relevant
to all readers interested in understanding the pre-history of our own
species, their migration routes and motivation to migrate, triggered
by complex interactions of their culture and environment.

Further reading

Claudia Hemp: A Field Guide to the Bushcrickets, Wetas and Raspy Crickets of Tanzania and Kenya

This field guide covers northern to central Tanzania, southern Kenya
and parts of central Kenya. Most species are illustrated by live
specimens; generally, adult males and females are depicted, along with
selected nymphal stages. For species-rich genera, morphological
details are provided, together with keys to genera and species as well
as distribution maps for most taxa. The enclosed DVD features the
songs of 185 species.

Further reading

Walter L. Pohl: Economic Geology Principles and Practice

The book covers the entire field of geology applied to mineral
deposits, including industrial minerals, coal and
hydrocarbons. Illuminating insights, for example, can be gained from
sediments, rich in organic matter, that are primarily source rocks of
conventional hydrocarbons, but also host unconventional oil and gas,
and metal deposits.

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